Where pets are always welcome

652 East State Road Island Lake, IL 60042

696 South Rand Road Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Business Hours

Monday:      9am to 6pm
Tuesday:      9am to 6pm
Wednesday:  9am to 6pm
Thursday:     9am to 7pm
Friday:        9am to 6pm
Saturday:     9am to 5pm
Sunday:       9am to 2pm

Business Hours

Monday:      10am to 7pm
Tuesday:      10am to 6pm
Wednesday:  10am to 6pm
Thursday:     10am to 6pm
Friday:        10am to 6pm
Saturday:     10am to 5pm

Sunday:       10am to 2pm

We hope to see you soon!

We look forward to meeting your furry friends and helping you find healthy solutions for your food, toys, and treats.