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What our customers have to say...

Nicole Z. from Hawthorn Woods about Muffy
My cat Muffy is 19.5 years YOUNG! She was diagnosed with renal failure approximately 6 years ago but by changing her to only bottled water and other diet changes from the vet we had things under control for many years. She started to not eat the vet food about a year ago. The office manager at the clinic suggested going to see Jody @ Pages Healthy Paws for food. Jodie was wonderful - she knows a ton about various medical conditions and suggested a grain free food for Muffy. The next set of blood work her levels IMPROVED and she was on the high end of normal. The vet was amazed and said to keep doing whatever it was we were on because it was making a positive impact on Muffy! Muffy is a finicky eater and I just switched her over to the Weruva grainfree wet food which she loves! Muffy has recently developed another UTI and Jodie has been great, she suggested cranberry powder and also gave me some PH strips to test the next time we have a little dribble on the floor so see where her PH is so we can treat that naturally. I am so happy to have found Pages Healthy Paws!!! Jodie is a pro, very knowledgeable and calms me as a worried mommie!

Kathleen B. from Hawthorne Woods, IL.  RE: Bella
I came to Page's Healthy Paws on numerous recommendations from friends, and the health of my Bella has never been better, She suffered from a extremely sensitive diet from the time we rescued her at 8 weeks old. After hundreds and hundreds of $$ at the vet, not to mention what she went through, we were introduced to the "raw" diet by your educated staff and Bella has been perfect ever since. Thank you so much for taking the time to listed to our PERSONAL concerns on a individual level.

Chris D. from Round Lake Park, IL  RE: Meadow & Wakanda
I have an 11 year old Aussie mix, Meadow, and a 3 year old Husky, Wakanda, both were having intestinal problems, mucus stool (i know gross, but it may help someone else. More long term for the older dog but when it started with the husky? Something told me to look online at the problem before I took them to the vet and I was led to a holistic vet, then Page's holistic pet store. Jody seemed so in tune with my situation when i explained it she actually repeated what i had read online by this holistic vet; that an RX a vet would prescribe would be a temporary fix and that we need to go to the root of the problem. The root of the problem was what I was feeding my dogs, and I thought I was feeding them healthy, some of the best you can buy at Pet store chains and boiled chicken. She informed me how allergic chicken can be for dogs, I suspect my older dogs became allergic and my younger couldn't tolerate it. I eliminated chicken, the gluten and grains and my dogs, both of them, are back to normal. I added fresh vegetables and apples by her request which is giving them a variety of healthy snacks to eat. I am grateful to her help. I really recommend this store. Your doggies will love you for it too!!!Thank you Page's Healthy Paws!!

Jan P. from Lake Zurich, IL  RE: Shaggy
Our Golden Doodle, Shaggy, has allergies that cause him to bite at, and pull the hair out of, his paws, tail... This creates hot spots that get infected. He's just over a year old and we've had him on antibiotics and prednisone on two separate occasions for it. Our vet talked about options, which included eliminating almost everything from his diet and slowly reintroducing things back into his diet. The other option was allergy testing, which could be very costly. I called Jody who recommended we put fish oil and licorice extract in his food. Thanks to her he's doing real well with no missing hair or hot spots. It was a much healthier option and easier on the pocket book as well. Thank you again, Jody!

Holly L. from Kildeer, IL  RE: Kali, Annie, Chloe and Stella
Actually it was a friend in Wheaton that directed me to Pages. She was looking for a specialty food for her cat. When I walked in I was hooked! Our four cats have never looked healthier. Their coats are so shiny! We switched from Pet store cat food to all natural dry food with no grain or fillers. The wet food is all natural with no by-products and they love it! The staff is so friendly and helpful and we love their "in-house pets"! This is a wonderful addition to the Lake Zurich (previous store location) area.

Carol L. from Barrington, IL
Thanks to Jody and her team, our Cavalier is like a puppy again! Charlie suffered from chronic acid reflux and perpetual diarrhea issues. The vet only prescribed low residue dog food, which did not seem to help. We were having to resort to daily prescription medication. The vet did not recommend trying to alter his diet. After reading an article that was forwarded to me, and consulting with Jody, we switched Charlie over to protein based food, along with a daily dose of probiotic powder. His poop issues have been solved for over three months now. And instances of "spitting up" have been dramatically reduced. He has more energy and seems to really enjoy his food now. Thanks, Jody, for helping our dog feel so much better and healthier! You sure know your stuff!! Carol and Charlie

Laura R. from Kildeer, IL
I was referred to Healthy Paws by a friend and I have been thanking her ever since. My dog had been licking her legs to the point that we had our vet bandage them. Our vet told us figuring out why our dog was doing this was going to be a big challenge. Then we were thankfully referred to healthy paws where I met the most wonderful, caring, and knowledgeable Jody. She spoke to me at length and asked me to bring my dog in. She asked me to call her when I got home to tell her the name of the food we were feeding our dog. She told me to immediately get my dog away from gluten and chicken and gave us many bags of samples to see which dog food my dog would like. (she loved all of them!!)Then several days later Jody called to follow up. I was so happy to tell her my dog had completely stopped licking her legs and looked great. Not only could I not believe how easy and inexpensive the whole process was, but we were most amazed at the follow up call. I don't think there is another place on the planet like this with such truly caring and knowledgeable people. We can't stay away from the place and my dog loves all of the interesting treats we bring home. I refer everyone because I am so grateful that someone referred me.

Maripat A. from Lake Barrington 
I've bought many, many cat climbing and seating trees. All of them are collecting dust in my basement! So I was very hesitant to purchase yet another one. But there was something about the tree that I saw in Page's Healthy Paws that seemed different - maybe it was the natural bark. Plus, I was so tired of all of the cat hair on the furniture, that I decided to give it another shot. Guess what? My three cats love it. It's their favorite place to sleep, climb and hang out. I'm considering another one for the second floor. Thanks for providing such a great item.

Excellent Store! from Linda
If you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable and can walk you thru the maze of animal nutrition, Jody of Pages is the one to go to. Jody researches every product she carries. Jody studied the nutritional needs and the quality of the food manufacturers before the dog/cat food debacle. She was ready when everyone was trying to figure what to feed their animals. Her knowledge as well as the products she carried allowed everyone to feel comfortable in knowing what to feed their animals once it was discovered that many commercial brands were suspect.

Very helpful staff and quality food! from Marina
Page's Healthy Paws offers quality food and products. I have shopped here for many years and have always been greeted at the door with a smile. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable in the products and type of pet your own. Their rewards program is awesome!

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